Rudimentary is an assumption that working towards a goal will improve quality of life, for us or others we care about. With each of our long term goals come many choices and decisions, including what to try to how much effort to put in. By assessing your current quality of life, you can focus on the gaps and opportunities you have to make some improvements.

NICOLA EDUCATIONAL AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE has a key concept of making skilled India and build strong entrepreneurship among the job seekers. Our continuous training to the job seekers with the effort of the experts from the various field make them to understand the clear vision of the education and help them to select the exact pavement with their career objective.

Underlying our motto is to make the unemployment into zero. By reduce the gap in the education and practical approach in their academics. For off academic people also we provide the necessary guidance to strong the economy back drop. In the way guidance is not to mean just showing the way, we are with them to take special care and finding the exact profession for self-employment.

We are assessing many programs for academic and off academic qualified people.