About Us

Who we are?

Nicola Educational and Research Foundation having a history of being responsible with a magnitude of reflecting a positive approach focusing mainly on perseverance, resilience, compassion and continuous efforts in supporting on the rooting up to the community. With a striking to positive intension to prioritize the wellbeing of others, fueled with enthusiasm Nicola Foundation gave shape to a dream of making a difference to society and with that intension and we have travelled so far to making on a difference. We are a dedicated to make positive impact on a community by providing services and resources, working as a catalyst to bringing out sustainable change in lives of underprivileged children, youths and striving for a better life for them through employment linked skill development programs for them and addressing the root cause of social stigmas like poverty, inequality, social injustice and with a dedicated qualified team of volunteers, donors, and partner we have taken steps to overcome our journey so far.

Our foundation deployed best possible methodology in committing to foster sustainable development and transforming lives focusing mainly on welfare projects in major areas like education, employment skill development programs, woman empowerment, self-employment opportunities, rural sustainability and social innovation through complete research and gearing towards identifying the root cause of social issues allowing to develop effective and long lasting solutions.

Today, our foundation crossing miles have started working with various State and Central Government department, Corporate companies, MSMES, Universities, colleges and NGO across countries with a crafting idea of a better India, where social stigma such as poverty, child labor, inequality, fade down in existence and every citizen live by the basic fundamental rights to education, good hygienic food, shelter and healthcare. Our aim is to empower and promote professional engagement among women by providing equal gender bias opportunities to rights for education, food, healthcare making them independent and self sufficient through equal opportunities for all and one.